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Bruno Marty: Sticking to guiding principles is key to building the post-Covid-19 future

Private Equity firms can partner rather than exclude established agencies Co-operation not confrontation needed to address liquidity crisis Swift return of live sport will limit financial impact on broadcasters The notion that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger appears to be gaining traction across the sports sector. The Covid-19-induced shock to sport’s commercial ecosystem hit at a time when the industry was already being forced to consider how it must evolve to flourish in a world changed by technology, and many senior figures believe that the ensuing hiatus has accelerated that process. Among them is Bruno Marty, who leads the ProSports division at the Infront company where his role as senior vice-president encompasses overseeing the football, winter and summer sports operations, as well as media and marketing sales. It is a position which puts him at the heart of deal-making and gives him a unique insider’s perspective on the way the sector is shaping up to the challenges and attendant opportunities it faces. He remains unruffled in his approach to the crisis, firm in his belief that sport will return strong, that enduring, long-term relationships between rights owners and their partners will remain the bedrock of success and that winners and losers will be determined by the ability to adapt to changing market conditions and employ technology to engage with fans. “Sport is an incredibly important part of the economies of developed countries and I think it will be back very soon.

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