Nine steps to tackle a content-heavy website with UX content design

We all know websites that have so much content, they’re almost creaking from the weight of it. And tackling the problem of a content-heavy site can seem daunting – how do you know what content to keep? How can you structure it so your users can navigate it quickly and easily?The good news is, there’s a clear step-by-step content design process you can follow that, when combined with an agile approach and smart technology, can transform your content-heavy site to one that’s streamlined and effective. I’m going to walk you through this using our client, Sport England, as an example. Who are Sport England?Sport England aims to encourage everyone in the UK, whatever their age, background or ability, to enjoy the health and social benefits that come with physical activity. You’ve probably come across their work at some point, at a grassroots level or through a campaign like ‘This Girl Can‘. In 2016, Sport England laid out its ‘Towards an Active Nation’ strategy, to address inequalities in activity, especially among women and lower socio-economic groups.

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