The ad industry can save our high street

Working in the advertising industry means you don’t often get to take the moral high ground. When I’m surrounded by nurses, teachers and social workers who spend their days looking after our sick, young and vulnerable, owning up to working in advertising can feel a little frivolous, especially when your biggest moan is that Cannes is cancelled. We spend our working days finding new ways to sell products to an already over-burdened planet, and our track record on race, gender and age isn’t always great. Quite rightly, no one’s been clapping for the advertising industry on Thursday evenings. I wholeheartedly agree with Mark Ritson when he says the predictions of ‘all change’ after Covid-19 are nonsense – but just for once, maybe the advertising industry could be one of the heroes?Our local cinemas, book shops, theatres, boutiques, markets, clothes shops, car dealerships, restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and even zoos have taken a massive hit. Closing so we could recover has taken a huge toll on the places we love, many don’t think they will recover.

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