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The Top 5 “Overrated Players in Great Situations” in the NBA

Basketball is (maybe, hopefully) on the horizon. To help reintegrate us to a life of Giannis hammer dunks, James Harden dribbling for 24 seconds, and 76ers fans yelling at you for some reason, we’re rolling out top-five rankings in 20 different categories. All rankings were voted on by the Ringer staff unless noted. Everyone draws the short straw at some point, and so it is that my contribution to this project is a post seemingly designed in a laboratory to invite people to yell at me: to write about players tabbed by our voters as “overrated” due to being in “great situations,” two descriptions left open to interpretation by the electorate. Well, here goes nothing: 5. Eric Bledsoe, Bucks Bledsoe’s a damn good player—an All-Defensive first-team selection last season, the tip of the spear for a Bucks squad that leads the league in defensive efficiency this season by a margin wide enough to prompt inquiries about whether it’s the best regular-season defense ever.

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