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Why esports lacks (but desperately needs) unified viewership metrics

We’ve all heard the claim that esports is bigger than the Super Bowl — but without unified metrics, it’s like comparing AWPs and Overwatch…or whatever the gaming equivalent of apples and oranges is. For a digital medium like esports, viewership is arguably the most important data a company needs to gauge popularity, engagement, and potential investment opportunities. As more brands and investors enter the space, unifying these metrics has become not only a request but an absolute requirement. Photo credit: Riot GamesThat’s why so many brands are investing in analytics companies these days and existing giants like Nielsen are paying close attention – even if its esports lead just left to join competitor YouGov. Esports viewership metrics: a guide Average minute audience (AMA) or average concurrent viewers (ACV):  This is the most common metric for esports viewership. AMA counts how many people on average were watching at any specific point during the program.

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