‘A shift towards maturity’: Why TikTok is investing $15m in short-form educational content in Europe

In the past year, TikTok’s growth has intensified thanks to short, quirky dance videos created and adored by its huge Gen Z users base—it set a record for the most downloads any app has ever had in a single quarter in first quarter of 2020 with 315 million installs, according to analytics firm Sensor Tower. Now, the social media app is betting that videos of people demonstrating and teaching new skills will add to that growth and play a bigger part in its future.    The business is pumping £13 million ($15 million) into the official launch of #LearnOnTikTok, a content strand that will curate educational videos on the platform across Europe. The hashtag was originally formed by the app’s users earlier this year when they used it to group together videos teaching new skills such as lessons in cooking and science facts and history. TikTok’s investment will work as a grant of sorts for people to create even more educational content for the app. Some of that money will go toward celebrities like the presenter and mathematician Rachel Riley and actor Sean Sagar, who will share math and acting tips respectively in regular videos.

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