Deep Dive: Adapting programmatic strategies for the new normal

June 18, 2020 by Ricardo Bilton 01 What will the recovery look like? 02 Brands should take a more nuanced approach to the block list 03 How the industry is (and is not) preparing for the death of the cookie 04 Brands are pulling back spending. Here’s why they shouldn’t be. 05 OTT is having its moment 06 All Hail the CFO 07 Overheard 08 WTF: Programmatic terms explained 09 Event Slides: Adapting Programmatic Strategies 10 Event slides: Dentsu Programmatic redefines transparency 11 Event slides: Using data to tell stories 12 Full event videos Between Google’s announcement that it was killing the third-party cookie in Chrome, the advent of California’s CCPA, and rapid industry consolidation, it was clear from the early months of 2020 that this was going to be an eventful year for the programmatic ecosystem.   Then the coronavirus happened. In the months since the outbreak began, the industry has been hit with challenge after challenge: Brands in sectors such as travel and hospitality have seen dramatic declines in their own industries, that some may never recover from. And, as goes brands, so goes advertising.

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