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FCC: Broadcasters Can’t Use Vacant Chs. for NextGen TV

(Image credit: iStock) WASHINGTON—The FCC has resolved some major outstanding issues in its framework for a transition to the ATSC 3. 0 broadcast transmission standard, which will allow for higher-definition pictures, targeted ads, interactivity and "broadcast internet. "The FCC declined to allow vacant in-band channels to be used for ATSC 3. 0 deployment, which broadcasters sought but computer companies opposed because they want to use those channels for wireless broadband. That came in a Report and Order resolving various petitions for reconsideration of its NextGen TV order and "other matters" related to local simulcasting rules, use of vacant broadcast channels and the "significantly viewed" status of "NextGen TV stations" (the FCC has adopted broadcasters' rebranding of ATSC 3. 0).

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