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NTA Opposes FCC’s DTS Rule Proposals

(Image credit: Getty Images) WASHINGTON—The National Translator Association has come out against the recent FCC proposal to expand Distributed Transmission Systems (DTS), saying that it would cause significant interference to hundreds of stations. The NTA comments were filed on June 12 in response to the FCC’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that would allow for new and expanded uses of DTS. A number of organizations, including the NAB and APTS, have supported the NPRM, saying that it would help with the deployment of ATSC 3. 0 and enhance “localism,” particularly in more remote areas. NTA, however, believes that translators and low power TV stations are already qualified to handle these tasks. “Translators and LPTV stations already cover Rural America, so it is easy for us to just add a station to deliver “Next Gen” signals, providing the coverage contours are adjusted to meet needs and that no interference is generated from full power DTS stations seeking to ‘bend’ beyond their contour impacting Class A, translator and LPTV stations,” said John Terrill, NTA president.

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