The Most Important Shots From Episode 12 of ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’

The Challenge has always been a heavily edited show—the main thing that keeps it from feeling like an actual sport is the fact that every elimination challenge comes with about 600 camera cuts—but we can’t remember it ever being this boosted in post-production. Total Madness is flying through camera filters and low-grade graphics; it’s taking HUGE swings from the editing room. It’s, quite simply, astonishing. So, every week, we’ll collect the best moments of each episode in screenshots, sometimes adding context, sometimes letting the image itself speak a thousand words. Before We Begin, a Quick Note on Dee After Dee Nguyen made offensive comments about the Black Lives Matter movement last week, MTV swiftly severed ties with her, though the network said that Total Madness would air “as planned. ” What’s clear now is that along with “as planned,” MTV should have added “.

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