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Waiting for the Future of Virtual Reality

In the fictional future world of Cyberpunk 2077, one of the first major video games released for the latest generation of consoles, denizens of Night City turn to “braindancing” to distract themselves from their dystopian surroundings. Like SQUID recordings from Strange Days, braindances allow users to immerse themselves in the experiences and sensations of others by donning virtual reality headsets and re-living recorded memories preserved and transmitted via all five senses. In Cyberpunk lore, the technology behind braindancing was pioneered in the late 2000s and almost immediately adapted for entertainment purposes (not all of which were porn). In the real world, we’re well behind that timeline. Not only do we lack the tech to bring braindancing to the masses, but even the on-screen representation of braindancing in Cyberpunk gave epilectic gamers seizures until the buggy game was patched. Cyberpunk 2077 itself shipped with no native VR support, preventing VR-equipped players from pretending they were taking an authentic braindancing trip.

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