Personalisation vs privacy: which way will the headwinds blow?

Personalisation was on the lips of all CMOs & Marketing directors at the end of the 2010s, even earning the accolade of 2019’s ‘Marketing word of the year’ by the US Association of National Advertisers. The opportunity to deliver 1-to-1 personalisation at scale was the promise of marketing clouds and customer engagement platforms alike. GDPR proved to be nothing more than a minor speed bump in the road, and for those with a treasure trove of 1st party data, the time had come to look inwards to see the riches that laid in store from its activation. At the turn of the new decade, privacy-related headwinds once more started to fly towards all data-driven marketers, but coming not from governmental regulation (whatever happened to ePrivacy?), but instead from the big technology companies, in a race to create new browser architecture that would have huge ramifications for the ad-tech eco-system as we know it. It was Apple that really set the pace with iteration upon iteration of their Intelligent Tracking Prevention software built in to the Safari browser. With every point-release came another hurdle to overcome, a fruitless cat and mouse game between ad-tech companies and the browsers.

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