Burger King ties NBA 2K21 trick shot challenge to real-world rewards

Dive Brief: Burger King Spain is enticing NBA 2K21 players with the promise of free food if they can complete tough shots in the pro basketball video game on PlayStation consoles, according to details emailed to Marketing Dive. The burger chain used in-game editing tools to create a custom court, called The Menu Court, that features several of its most popular menu items. Players who complete a shot from an item marker can post a video to Twitter tagging Burger King and NBA2K with the hashtag #BKMenuCourt to redeem the real-world equivalent of the product. Burger King partnered with Spanish content creators RobertPG and Papigavi o Vituber to promote the effort on Twitch and YouTube. Agency David Madrid helped design the campaign that taps into skyrocketing consumer interest in gaming and streaming. Dive Insight: Burger King is targeting the gamer cohort through an immersive virtual experience that links back to real-world rewards.

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