Media Buying Briefing: As gaming explodes as an ad medium, media agencies aim level up

The gaming world was abuzz with the news that Ludwig Ahgren had broken all Twitch subscriber-gain records during a 31-day livestream at the urging of his followers, growing his paying sub base to 282,000. The previous record-holder: fellow gamer personality Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. If neither of these names are familiar to you, know that they are celebrities to tens of millions of devout gamer fans. And they represent just two faces in the exploding popularity of gaming as a source of entertainment, celebrity and culture — a world to which brands are flocking in droves, in search of younger millennials and older Gen Zs. It’s estimated to be a $120 billion marketing opportunity that’s poised to become the fastest growing segment of marketing through 2021 and beyond. Though gaming as a potential advertising destination has been around since the turn of the millennium, more media agencies have gotten serious about mapping, codifying, understanding and establishing it as a valuable awareness and reach tool.

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