Adam Schefter explains that he broke Aaron Rodgers new on draft day due to ‘accumulation of information’

When Adam Schefter dropped the bombshell that Aaron Rodgers was “disgruntled” with the Green Bay Packers and had been telling people that he didn’t want to play for them, it was a scoop that overtook everything else that would occur later on during the opening night of the 2021 NFL Draft. That’s no small feat and a testament to what a big deal this scoop was and how well-timed the breaking news ended up being. Reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers is so disgruntled with the Green Bay Packers that he has told some within the organization that he does not want to return to the team, league and team sources told ESPN on Thursday. More on NFL Live now…. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) April 29, 2021 The timing seemed so precise, as to own the media space for the rest of the day, and force the Packers into making some kind of decision during the draft, that many started to wonder if it had been specifically planted to be released by Rodgers’ camp or by someone else with a vested interest. Perhaps the Packers wanted this news out there to paint Rodgers in a bad light? Perhaps a team that was attempting to cut a deal with Green Bay wanted to grease the wheels? Schefter appeared on The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday and was asked about why he decided to announce the big news on that day.

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